Paralegal Studies


The Howard University School of Law Paralegal Certificate Program provides students with the most cutting-edge study support tools offered in any educational setting. These tools are in support of the classroom experience and are also available to online students.

The study support provided in this program makes the learning process more efficient, and more effective.

Paralegal Studies Paralegal Studies Paralegal Studies Paralegal Studies Paralegal Studies Paralegal Studies


    The Paralegal Certificate Program instructor-led course is a hybrid program. In the classroom you will receive the best instruction available, as well as dynamic online study support tools. These online tools make the in-class educational experience more efficient, and much more effective, than standard paralegal courses.


    The innovative study support tools offered in the program encompass a dynamic and proven learning formula. On this page, you will find just a sample of the interactive skill-development instruction that raises the bar on the educational experience. We invite you to take the Paralegal Program Test Drive (Click Here).


    Innovative Interactive Tools . . .

    Law Library Lab . . .
    Innovative Study Support Tools

    An interactive tool to train students in the usage of law library books before even stepping foot in the building. more

    Westlaw Lab . . .
    Innovative Study Support Tools

    Westlaw is online legal research. Students in this program have access to Westlaw as well as The Westlaw Lab, which provide step-by-step instruction. more

    Lexis Lab . . .
    Innovative Study Support Tools

    This program provides students training in Lexis, an online legal research tool. The Lexis Lab is available to help students master online legal research more efficiently. more

    Legal Writing Labs . . .
    Innovative Study Support Tools

    Imagine working on your assignments while receiving guidance in real-time for every step. That is the Legal Writing Labs! more

    Interactive Exercises . . .
    Innovative Study Support Tools

    The web site provides hundreds of interactive exercises. Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and mock exams. more

    Take a Test Drive . . .
    Innovative Study Support Tools

    Take the Test Drive to help you decide if this is the paralegal program for you. more